Fannin County Board of Health encourages/authorizes cabin rentals to close

  • COVID-19 Update
    COVID-19 Update

Fannin County Board of Health Chairman Robert Graham presented a resolution to the board, Wednesday, March 25, that authorizes cabin rentals to cease renting Thursday, March 27 at noon.

The resolution states, “despite guidance from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC"), stating that people should avoid gathering in crowds of ten (10) or more, and guidance from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency ("GEMA"), recommending that Georgians should avoid gathering in groups of any size, it has been evidenced that people in Fannin County continue to gather in large numbers in enclosed spaces where social distancing cannot be effectuated.” 

Through the resolution, the board has “resolved, recommended, encouraged and authorized” the following:

1. All rentals or leasing of cabins that accommodate ten (10) or more individuals are recommended, advised and requested to cease as of 12 noon on March 27, 2020; 

2. All rentals or leasing of cabins that accommodate nine (9) or less individuals are recommended, advised, requested, and encouraged to cease rentals as of 12 noon on March 27, 2020; and

3. It is recommended, advised and requested that no new rentals reservations be accepted for the period from 12 noon March 27, 2020 through April 13, 2020. 

This declaration will go into effect Wednesday, March 25 at midnight.

The following community members are listed as voting members of the board: Graham, Superintendent Dr. Michael Gwatney, Blue Ridge Medical Group’s Dr. Dillon Miller, Board of Commissioners Chairman Stan Helton, Family Connection Executive Director Sherry Morris, City of Blue Ridge Mayor Donna Whitener and Rodney Kendall. North Georgia Health District Health Director Zackary Taylor is listed as a non-voting member.