Tri-State EMC warns of scam on customers

An official at Tri-State Electric Membership Corproation (EMC) in McCaysville has just reported customers are being hit with a new scam.

Customers are reporting someone is calling demanding money or their power will be turned off immediately. Tri-State received the first report of the scam Wednesday, March 1.

The person calling identifies himself as representing Georgia Power and the call is coming from an 800 phone number. Customers are told to get a Green Dot card to use in paying their charges and call the 800 number back.

The Tri-State representative stressed this is a scam, that Tri-State does not threaten to cut off power immediately, does not use Green Dot cards for payments, and would not be represented by Georgia Power.

The official said any customer who has a question, or receives a call from Tri-State EMC they want to verify, should call Tri-State at 706-492-3251 and ask to speak with someone in collections.

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