• The Norwegian elkhound mix seen with Fannin County Animal Control Officer JR Cornett was picked up April 3 in McCaysville. He seems young and energetic and is in need of lots of exercise. This dog is available for adoption if not reclaimed by his owner under Animal Control number 100-18.
  • Loyal, alert and intelligent, the female Plott hound mix was picked up April 3 off Happy Valley Lane in Morganton by Fannin County Animal Control. Originally bred in Germany for its Boar hunting skills, these dogs are known for a fierce and avid nature on the trail. Known for being affectionate and loyal, she is available for adoption under Animal Control number 99-18.
  • Picked up from Mountain Emergency Animal Center, this Boston Terrier was malnourished and very hungry when he came to Fannin County Animal Control. He was retrieved April 4 and is need of a loving and compassionate home. He is available for adoption if not reclaimed by his owner under Animal Control number 101-18.
  • This female white dog with black markings was picked up March 22 off Harpertown Hill in McCaysville. She is cautious and needs gentle and patient attention from her owners at a new forever home. She is available from Fannin County Animal Control for adoption if not reclaimed by her owners at Animal Control number 088-18.


A male gray and white Norwegian elkhound mix with one brown and one blue eye was picked up April 3 in McCaysville by Fannin County Animal Control.

He is very observant of his surroundings and curious of other dogs that walked by during our visit. He can be viewed under Animal Control number 100-18 

The elkhound breed thrives best with plenty of exercise. They tend to be a smart and independent breed. Not knowing what he is mixed with could change his behavioral traits. He seems friendly and full of life.

Officer JR Cornett said four dogs were taken in over the past week. Three in the facility were reclaimed, two adopted and two sent to pet rescue.

Proper tagging identifying pets can help identify a wandering dog in helping them get back to their owner. 

Hours of operation at Animal Control are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at the facility. After hours the officers follow up with community concerns and respond to stray dog calls.

For information on any of the dogs at Animal Control, or to check to see if a lost family pet has been picked up, call 706-632-3845. 

Dogs currently available may also be viewed at www.petfinder.com. In addition, you can find listings and pictures on Fannin County Animal Control’s Facebook page.

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